Never ” touch” other children

Everybody who knows me will tell you that I will open heavens to everybody if I could. In general I don’t have negative feeling to anybody ( and believe me I could) 

last week left me speechless … I just wanted to have a chat ( as I’m am a chatty type ) and said granny friends mum ( grandma to one little boy) ” hope Peter is good for you as I hear we wasn’t very kind the other day” I just wated to be nice… Had no other intentions… But this turned into major conflict … ” that I am criticising somebody’s parental skills” 

well I never would dare to do so it’s not my personality , I don’t believe I am perfect parent and would never ever criticise others. 

cut upset me very much and I cried and cried … I don’t like to hurt other people. 

My best friend said and she is right : never mention other children behaviour … whatever your intentions , parents with complex or idea of perfect family will think you atack them or citisise”

i knew this person for 2 years … And it’s came to me as a shock that I was soo badly misunderstood …

And how childish their reaction was … Including removing from FB friends.

life goes on … Missing my real friends  


Avoidance social media

 Here I am … writing my first post… 

I haven’t connected it to my any social media website …. I want to have a space where I can air my thoughts , frustration and happy moment without worry somebody who I know might not like it!!!

facebook seem to be a place where people either moan or show off different stuff to grit friends … Nobody seem to be honest enough to say ” I don’t agree” or ” you talking rubbish ” just incase somebody get revange in a ” real ” life. True is people are not mature enough to deal with new FB era.